Fundamentals of cyber security

🔘 What is cyber security and cyberspace?

🔘 What is the cyber security situation in the world and in our country?

🔘 What should a business manager do to protect his company in cyberspace?

Márton Mórász (Managing Director of Proab) and Zoltán Szekér (Managing Director of OD & IT Solutions Ltd.) discuss this and many other interesting topics. 🎙 

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Mediation in business

What is mediation? Why should you contact a mediator? In what cases can a mediator help What conflict management strategies and styles exist? What does an organizational ombudsman do? Márton Mórász (Executive Director of Proab) talks to Dr. Ildiko Murányi (mediator, executive business coach, head of the National Mediator Office) about this and many other …

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About tenders at the basic level, part 1

What does the lifecycle of a complete tender look like from the first idea to the complete closure of the tender? What types of tenders are there? What are the most frequently occurring questions and difficulties regarding tenders that you encounter as a tender writer? What does the success of a tender depend on? Why …

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