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A tutoring accounting

Our service is a complete paradigm shift in accounting! We are going to show you why.

Consultation about basic information

Everything starts with the basics. If you, as an entrepreneur, understand how does your accounting work and what kind of opportunities do you have, you will make better decisions. It will be much easier for you to manage the administration. That is exactly the reason why we start with consultation about basic information with new clients.

Your accounting tutor

Our tutoring accounting service is on a next level and our staff are more than just your average accountants.

What you can expect from us:

  • we can come up with ideas for your strategy at any time and get together to brainstorm
  • our reaction is quick and we will help you with the problems that arise to the best of our knowledge
  • we communicate with you directly, simply and in common parlance

PROAB application

In this application we will show you all of the most important accounting data and information. You will receive notifications from us about the upcoming deadlines and materials to be submitted.

For the first time in Hungary, we will provide you with an application that will allow you to access all of your accounting data that might be important for the successful management of your business.

You will be able to review the data, not only for the closed tax year, but for the current one as well.

Anywhere-Anytime-On Any Device

Az UP-TO-DATE service

Only those who easily adapt to the constant change can survive. However, with the daily work, who has the time and patience to constantly monitor and understand tax, legislation and other accounting related information?

We are here to help you with our UP-TO-DATE service.

You will be notified about news and changes that directly affect you via email, application and through our exclusive customer group.

We serve more than 1624 entrepreneurs

We are the only accounting team with nationwide coverage in Hungary, but our service is also available completely online.

We are tutoring








superstar colleagues

Our prices

For individual businesses

From HUF 12.500/month

Free consultation

For joint ventures

From HUF 21.500/month

Free consultation

* our prices are informative, we provide an exact bidding during the personal consultation

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What do our customers think of us?

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Róbert Szőke

Business confidence building trainer

We are proud of our customers and grateful for their trust, but what do they think of us? Róbert Szőke, a business confidence building trainer will talk about this topic in details

Éva Knapek

Clinical psychologist

We are proud of our customers and grateful for their trust, but what do they think of us? Éva Knapek, a clinical psychologist will talk about this topic in details

Zsolt Tassi

Senior National Director of OVB

We are proud of our customers and grateful for their trust, but what do they think of us? Zsolt Tassi, the Senior National Director of OVB will talk about this topic in details

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Take a look at the events of the Proab team.

Quarterly team meeting – 2021 Q2

In the morning hours, we arrived at the Pákozd-Sukoró Arboretum and Wildlife Park, where the atmosphere was fantastic from the very beginning. We happily hugged each other, ate, drank, celebrated, played and pocketed  many prizes.😎🥳🎲🏆🍔 Among other things, the purpose of our games was not only to relax, but to get to know each other …

Tovább olvasom

Quarterly team meeting – 2021 Q3

The period of our second quarter audit has ended, so the time has come to proudly present the well-deserved awards to our outstandingly performing employees. 🤝 To keep our tradition, the award ceremony was built in a full-day team building activity. 🥳 In the morning, we discovered our wonderful capital city and strengthened each unit …

Tovább olvasom

Christmas dinner – 2021

On Friday before Christmas, we organized the PROAB Christmas Dinner to celebrate the common results and successes we achieved together! ✨The location was absolutely perfect for this occasion,  as we spent this pleasant evening in the renovated Gundel Restaurant. 🍾🎄 Before dinner, we also attended an interesting and instructive presentation on the topic of building …

Tovább olvasom

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