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Quarterly team meeting – 2021 Q3

The period of our second quarter audit has ended, so the time has come to proudly present the well-deserved awards to our outstandingly performing employees. 🤝

To keep our tradition, the award ceremony was built in a full-day team building activity. 🥳

In the morning, we discovered our wonderful capital city and strengthened each unit of our team with an exciting non contact urban detective game. 🕵️‍♀️

Acknowledging the performance of our employees is one of the most important foundations of PROAB’s basic culture. 🎖

This is the reason why we quarterly evaluate our employees during the year and decide which employee has been working in the best quality and which unit performed the best. 🏆

We also welcomed our newest employee, who received a coffee mug and baseball cap that is already considered as PROAB’s iconic entrance package.🤝🧢☕️

Every quarter of the year, we audit in detail the performance of our employees. Starting from filling forms to receiving customer feedback, we examine who has been working in the highest quality. 📊💼

After the winners had received their cups and certificates, we were enjoying a delicious lunch in a family atmosphere. 🍽

During the afternoon, the entire POAB team tried the board game called Alias. There was no lack of humour and creativity. 🤣🗣

📍 Helyszín: Budapest, Kiskakukk Étterem
📅 Időpont: 2021.09.07.