Mentored in accounting for Wolt couriers

As a specialist for individual and small entrepreneurs

Accounting fee discount, only for Wolt couriers!

We offer a 30% start-up discount for 3 months from the start of your business, and 20% for 3 months after that.

If you are no longer a start-up entrepreneur, you are entitled to a 10% discount!

Don’t miss out on the best value for money service on the market, with us every courier can keep their business safe!

Mentored accounting

Our service is a complete paradigm shift in accounting! We’ll show you why.

Consultation about basic information

It all starts with the basics. If you as an entrepreneur understand how your accounting works and what your options are, you will make better decisions.
You will find it much easier to manage your administration. This is exactly why we start with a Basic Info Consultation all our new clients.

Your mentor accountant

Our mentored accountancy service is the next level in the accounting business, and our staff are more than just an average accountant.

This is what you can expect from us:

  • We can always work with you to think about your strategy and brainstorm with you
  • we respond quickly and help you solve any problems as best we can
  • we communicate directly, simply and clearly

PROAB application

For the first time in Hungary, we will provide you with an application that will allow you to access all of your accounting data that might be important for the successful management of your business.

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Az UP-TO-DATE service

Only those who adapt easily to constant change can survive. But with a daily job, who has the time or patience to constantly monitor and understand tax,
legislation and other accounting information?

This is where we can help with our UP-TO-DATE service.

We provide clear information on all tax, accounting and legal changes that directly affect or may affect you.

You only receive notifications of news and changes that directly affect you, via email in our app and our exclusive customer group.

More than 1804 businesses put their trust in us.

We are the largest team of specialist accountants for sole entrepreneurs and small businesses in the country.


clients mentored




superstar colleagues

PROAB clients on the map

We are the only team of accountants with nationwide coverage in Hungary, but our service is also available completely online.


For sole entrepreneurs

From 12.500 HUF/month

Free consultation

For companies

From 21.500 HUF/month

Free consultation

* our prices are informative, we provide an exact bidding during the personal consultation

What do our customers think of us?

Watch our customer review videos

Róbert Szőke

Business confidence building trainer

We are proud of our customers and grateful for their trust, but what do they think of us? Róbert Szőke, a business confidence building trainer will talk about this topic in details

Éva Knapek

Clinical psychologist

We are proud of our customers and grateful for their trust, but what do they think of us? Éva Knapek, a clinical psychologist will talk about this topic in details

Zsolt Tassi

Senior National Director of OVB

We are proud of our customers and grateful for their trust, but what do they think of us? Zsolt Tassi, the Senior National Director of OVB will talk about this topic in details

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Meet the PROAB team

Márton Mórász

Founder and CEO of Proactive Business Zrt.

Judit Póti

Co-owner of Proactive Business Zrt., Chief Accountant and Training Coordinator

Renáta Varga-Sörös

Chief Operating Officer

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Why was Proactive Business created?

Because entrepreneurs are looking for complex solutions. A partner who can provide them with quality solutions in all important areas.

Origin of PROAB

Founded in 2017, Proactive Bookkeeping Kft. reformed the accounting service for individuals and small businesses. Today, it is the largest service provider in this area.

On the way to this point, we have also ensured that our clients can count on us in cases that are outside of our area of expertise.
That is why we decided to reform PROAB.

The new PROAB

In response to the most important needs of entrepreneurs, we have consciously expanded our range of services by creating new business lines. As part of the transformation, we have changed our company form and adopted a new name, the new PROAB now stands for Proactive Business.

But our mission remains the same. Mentoring businesses and helping them achieve their goals, now in 6 areas.

Proactive certification

Distinguish yourself with your attitude. While our clients help their companies become proactive businesses, we reward their efforts with our Proactive Certificate.

Get to know all the services of Proactive Business Zrt.

Proactive Tender Monitoring

Our Proactive Tender Monitoring business offers a new generation of tender monitoring services, previously unavailable on the market, as well as helping you to write smaller tenders.
Our basic tender training and preparation programmes will finally help you get a clear understanding of the world of tenders.
And our application monitoring system will find the right support for your business, based on your needs.

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Proactive Consultant

Our Proactive Consulting business will help you provide useful, understandable information about the permits, documentation, financial products and legal contracts required as an entrepreneur.
With the help of our strategic partners you can even use premium quality services in these areas.

Coming soon!

Proactive Entrepreneurship Academy

As part of Proactive Entrepreneurship Academy, we will provide educational materials that are understandable and provide information from the customer’s point of view on all topics that can be useful for an entrepreneur (taxation, law, applications, finance, marketing, HR.
etc.). The system will offer personalized information that can be useful for the given business.

Coming soon!

Proactive Licence&Legal

Our Proactive Licence&Legal business will help you as an entrepreneur to get clear information about contracts, licences and documentation tailored to your needs. And with the help of our strategic partners, you can even get premium quality service in these areas.

Coming soon!

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